RCS Business Messaging (RBM)

Enrich Customer Communications with Branding, Multimedia, User Action Buttons, and More!

Reach out to users across the world on their native messaging app.


Why RCS Business Messaging (RBM)?

The Rich Communication Services (RCS) is an upgrade to the SMS that supports the sharing of rich data such as pictures, audio, videos, GIFs, suggested actions, OTPs, and more, to the users. RBM further adds branding, trust marks, rich cards, carousels, suggested replies, and action buttons, creating tremendous potential to scale up with the changing customer preferences for interacting with brands. 

Rich and Interactive Experience

Rich and Interactive

Personalized rich media combined with scope for interaction, leads to enhanced user experiences

Read Receipts


RBM allows brands to ascertain whether the intended recipients opened a message or not

Brand Verification


Get a verification mark against your brand name to improve consumer trust and the customer engagement rate

Suggested User Actions

Suggested User

The suggested action buttons allow customers to perform relevant tasks at the click of a button, making the process more user-friendly

The Dotgo Advantage

Dotgo is the global industry leader in RCS business messaging, with award-winning technologies such as the RichOTP®, Bot Store®, and MaaP to its credit. An official partner of Google, Mavenir, Synchronoss, Vodafone, Orange, Jio, and Telefonica, Dotgo operates the world’s largest RBM Hub with global connectivity to RCS users across the globe. Thus, Dotgo is uniquely positioned to help brands integrate the RCS channel into their customer communications, whether for sales, support, services, or other business processes.


Dotgo provides simplified APIs for a variety of use cases such as the RichOTP, Rich Notifications, Rich Coupons, and Rich Surveys


Dotgo’s partnerships with numerous carriers across the world, helps brands go live with RBM in the shortest possible timelines

Unparalleled Discovery

Brands can list their bots on Dotgo Bot Store, the world's first and only open directory for listing of RCS bots

Chatbot Building

Dotgo helps brands design and build conversational chatbots, leveraging RCS capabilities coupled with NLP and AI/ML engines

Support for

Dotgo provides brands with the APIs required to connect the RCS systems deployed across the world

Brands Using Our Services


Industry Use Cases for RBM

Any brand seeking to increase sales or support customers via live chat, can opt for RBM

Send reminders for EMI payments or even OTPs
in a rich and interactive way

Allow patients to order medicines or schedule
appointments at the click of a button

Send out rich promotional content using carousels, videos, images, and GIFs besides supporting RCS-based orders for delivery

Respond to customer queries regarding flight schedules or
hotel bookings through chatbots

Support customers with delivery notifications or respond to them with either a chatbot service or a live agent

RBM Solutions that Dotgo Can Assist With

Provide rich messaging experience for every customer touchpoint with our tailored solutions.

The award-winning product from Dotgo enables the sharing of one-time passwords (OTPs) to customers, in a secure manner.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up to the Dotgo Developer Portal

  2. Gain access to the RCS API to commence development and testing

  3. Populate the brand and bot details

  4. Select the countries/carriers where you would like to launch the bot and send/receive messages

  5. Dotgo verifies the brand and bot after making the initial payment

  6. Send messages to any desired number through APIs or the console



You can use the Dotgo APIs to send and receive RBM messages across the globe. Pricing for RBM messages depends on the country and carrier. Certain carriers also charge an onboarding fee.

Listing on Dotgo Bot Store: FREE

Messaging fee depends on the type of message


OTP Messages sent using RCS.

Single Message

Single Message is an A2P message that is not part of a session. Any P2A message within 24 hours after this A2P message will convert this to a Session. An A2P Single Message is always delivered from a bot to a user.

Session Messages

Sessions include all the A2P messages (not a part of any other session) that are sent within 24hrs before the first P2A message and all the messages within 24hrs after the first P2A message.

To get details of the RBM pricing: Contact Us

Live Agent Support

You can improve sales and support by offering personalized and real-time assistance to your customers using live agents over the RCS channel. 

Dotgo can deploy RCS bot(s) that connect to your existing live agent software or provide you with one.

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*We may already have the integration working.




Paid in advance

Bot with Live
Agent Software
(single agent)



Live Agent Software
(each additional agent)



Commitment Period1 YEAR1 YEAR

Chat with your customers across multiple channels. Dotgo can also integrate other channels, such as RCS and Google’s Business Messages, into the same live agent system.


To use RCS on a mobile phone, the SMS messaging client on the device needs to support RCS. With Google’s worldwide launch of RCS Chat features, RCS can be enabled on all Android devices with Google’s Messages app. Also, following the decision of most leading ODMs to pre-load their Android devices with the Messages app as the default SMS client, several Android phones are now enabled with RCS. The partnership between Google and Samsung allows RCS features to work seamlessly between the Samsung Messages and Google’s Messages apps. Users can download the Google Messages app on their own to use RCS.

Apple does not currently support RCS messaging on iPhones. It is expected that RCS will be supported on iPhone in the future as part of compliance to 5G standards.

Following is the procedure to check whether an Android device running on the Google’s messaging app supports RCS.

  • Open the Google Messaging app of your phone
  • Select the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  • Click on Settings. If you see a menu item called Chat Features then your device has RCS

The various options under Chat Features, can be enabled or disabled as per the user preferences. Other messaging clients may have a similar procedure to check for RCS support.

OTT apps such as Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber are IP-based apps that need to be downloaded. RBM on the other hand, reaches the handset’s native messaging app just like the SMS, thereby eliminating the need to install additional apps. Hence leveraging the RBM allows brands to touch base with more potential customers than the OTT apps. The additional benefits are:

  • Works with the built-in messaging app (Need not download an app)
  • Provides increased level of trust and security
  • Improve results, security, and branding of OTPs at same or lower costs
  • Next generation of SMS, sometimes called SMS 2.0
  • Part of 5G standard; set to eventually replace SMS
  • You can leverage your chatbot investment with OTT apps
  • Adopted by GSMA, the global association of the mobile carriers from across the world

Yes. Dotgo can integrate the RCS with your current live agent system to let you use RCS with other business messaging solutions that you may already be using.

Definitely. You can list your bot on the Dotgo Bot Store, which is the world’s first directory of RCS and WhatsApp bots that helps users discover and connect with your bot. Users can also rate and review the bot, which can significantly boost the usage.

We help you integrate the RCS channel into your customer communications, whether for sales, support, services, or other business processes

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