The growth of high-speed data has changed the way we communicate and led to many disruptive innovations in the mobile ecosystem. The astronomical adoption and growth of RCS and OTT messaging such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Android Messages, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Google’s Business Messages, have ushered in new growth opportunities for brands and carriers willing to embrace the rich business messaging enabled by these popular messaging apps.

Dotgo™, a global leader in RCS and other rich business messaging solutions, provides an omnichannel cloud communications platform and related services that bring and make business messaging accessible to everyone. Our industry leading MaaP and CPaaS products work from the cloud, and help brands interact with their customers in a rich, conversational and contextual environment, while helping carriers accelerate monetization.

WhatsApp Business Messaging

With over 2 billion active users in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, and your customers are already using WhatsApp. As a brand, you can send and receive messages to your customers over WhatsApp. All you need is a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), and you can start using WhatsApp to help generate sales, and to provide support to your customers. Dotgo, as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Partner (BSP) provides you with a WABA, and access to WhatsApp Business APIs to help you create engaging customer conversations over WhatsApp. You can build chatbot experiences, and/or provide chat support from live agents. You can use these APIs for deeper integration into your business applications to automate customer support functions, such as account balance, payment due date, hotel booking, notifications, and handling service issues etc. Dotgo also provides a directory so that customers can find you on WhatsApp, and bring you more leads.

Features & Advantages:
  • A2P and P2A messaging with customers over WhatsApp, including pictures and videos
  • Chatting with live agents and smooth takeover from automated chatbots
  • Easy integration with existing contact centre solutions
  • Build your own chatbots, or we can help you build chatbots as per your needs
  • Ultra-fast set up time and approvals from WhatsApp
  • Attractive pricing
  • Directory of WhatsApp bots