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WHO Health Alert Chatbot

WHO’s WhatsApp Chatbot keeps people updated about the COVID-19 situation in their region and around the world.


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July 20, 2021



COVID-19 led the world to chaos. People started panicking even on a single sneeze. Unprecedented healthcare crisis unfolded before our eyes. Economic devastation is all around us. Rise in fake news regarding the virus, vaccination, and its various treatments, further complicated the fight against the pandemic.

Rational voices received hardly any spotlight. Thanks to the efforts of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in spreading awareness through the mainstream media and their collaboration efforts with other countries, science could speak louder than irrational news.

WHO wanted to curb the spread of fake news in each and every household by creating awareness about the right treatments, accurate statistics, and share only the valid and verified pandemic-related information. Accordingly, WHO launched a Health Alert chatbot on WhatsApp that shares all the COVID-19-related updates at the regional, national, and international updates in a conversational way, in addition to verified information on treatment.

The current editorial review dives deep into the features, performance, and functionality of the bot.


In collaboration with Praekelt.org, WHO developed a Health Alert chatbot to share the pandemic-related information. Accordingly, the chatbot provides information about the latest number of cases, vaccine updates, treatment advice, in a very engaging way.

People can opt-in for Weekly or Important updates on WhatsApp. Users can also choose the STOP option to opt-out of the updates as well.

Subscribing & Unsubscribing for frequent updates from WHO

Country and Carrier Support

All countries & carriers can support this chatbot since it was developed over WhatsApp.

How to use WHO Health Alert?

Following are the ways in which the WHO bot can be accessed:

From the mobile channel, search for WHO in the Dotgo Bot Store chatbot in your messages app, and click on the “Connect Me” button


Search for WHO in the Dotgo Bot Store web portal, and click on the “Connect Me” button


Send “Hi” on WhatsApp to
+41 79 893 18 92.


Scan the QR code
QR Code

What makes WHO Health Alert different?

Multiple Languages: WHO Health Alert is available in 20 widely spoken languages including Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, French, and more. WHO can communicate with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in their preferred language, the COVID-19-related news.


Languages Supported by the WHO Health Alert Chatbot

Global Access: WHO Health Alert is not country or carrier specific and therefore, people from across the globe can access it via WhatsApp. The only way to curb the virus spread, is to provide everyone the access to information.


Displaying the Number of Cases at the National & Global Levels

Latest & Verified Information: Be it the number of cases, latest developments about the vaccine, new strains of the virus, WHO Health Alert provides the latest information that is verified and authenticated. Rapid spread of fake news has been a huge bane in the digital world.


Latest video shared by WHO shown on the Health Alert chatbot

Our Verdict


WHO Health Alert was meant to create awareness among people about the COVID-19 treatment, latest news, vaccine updates, number of cases in the country and worldwide, and so on. The chatbot fulfills all its core purposes.


The overall design of the chatbot is impressive. /images are used along with numbers, emojis and bold text support for replying to the messages. The chatbot also has a feature for weekly and important updates that the users can subscribe to. At times, multiple messages appear together, which may result in the user missing out on some. The presence of suggested action buttons could better the user experience.


The WHO Health Alert chatbot is automated. Once the user initiates the messages, the response time from the chatbot is instantaneous, ranging within few seconds. Rich media such as image loads promptly too. In terms of performance, the chatbot is phenomenal.


The WHO Health Alert chatbot is automated. Once the user initiates the messages, the response time from the chatbot is instantaneous, ranging within few seconds. Rich media such as image loads promptly too. In terms of performance, the chatbot is phenomenal.


The WHO Health Alert chatbot performs all the functions for which it was created. Its main objective was to spread awareness; with automation and quick responses in multiple languages, which it does perfectly.


Apart from vaccines, COVID-19 pandemic needs to be fought with accurate and verified information that can be communicated to the masses.

WHO has led extraordinary efforts with the COVAX initiative. But the WHO Health Alert is also a very important tool to ensure right information is communicated to people. If the few design flaws are to be neglected, this health alert chatbot is seamless, easy-to-use and replies in lightning-fast speed.