Revolutionize Business Messaging with RCS


Discovering and exploring the various possibilities of RCS and rich business messaging, one whitepaper at a time

Revolutionize Business Messaging with RCS

RCS enables exciting possibilities for brands to enrich their communications with rich media in customers’ native messaging app.

The SMS, although omnipresent, is limited to sharing of text. Not anymore, as rich communication services (RCS)—the newer form of SMS—promises to deliver convenience and user experience on par with the most popular OTT apps. As the de-facto messaging standard for 5G, RCS is fast emerging as an alternative to the OTT messaging apps.

RCS allows users to share rich media such as images, videos, audio files, location information, QR codes, and more, through their phones’ native messaging apps. Brands are looking to leverage RCS for a variety of business communication, be it transactional or promotional or conversational. However, adopting RCS comes with challenges due to the dependence on numerous factors such as the support from mobile network operators, device compatibility, and more; dealing with them is a cumbersome task.

As a key player in the global RCS market with several success stories to its credit, Dotgo has compiled all its findings and experiences in a whitepaper that sheds adequate light on its proprietary solutions such as the Universal RCS that promises to deliver RCS messages even to the non-RCS devices.

What will you discover from the report?

  • Brief History of Messaging
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS) and its Features
  • RCS Business Messaging (RBM) and its Use Cases
  • Market Growth Forecast for RCS and RBM
  • Challenges in Adoption of RCS
  • Dotgo as Global Player in RCS
  • Advantages of Partnering with Dotgo
  • RBM Success Stories by Dotgo