Press Releases

An Insight into Dotgo's Achievements and Developments

Orange DRC ventures into RCS Business messaging along with Google and Dotgo

RCS is the next generation of messaging and allows rich media features with two-way communication

Global telco giants appraise RCS Business Messaging in enhancing customer engagement in Nigeria

RCS: How Nigerian Businesses Can Reimagine Customer Engagement

Interview With Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO of Dotgo, a company that’s perfecting RCS

Inderpal Mumick, CEO of Dotgo speaks about the state of RCS today and its growth

Dotgo launches RCS Business Messaging Hub at RCS World 2022

A one-stop solution for sending RBM traffic to 300 million RCS users globally in a simple, cost-effective way

Dotgo launches Universal RCS at Mobile World Congress 2022

Delivers Rich, Conversational RCS Messaging Experience for iPhone Users. Whitepaper on ‘How RCS is revolutionizing business messaging’ released on the occasion

Nigeria’s Largest Telco, MTN, Launches RCS Business Messaging with Google and Dotgo

MTN to leverage Google and Dotgo platforms, and Dotgo’s managed services to serve over 82 million subscribers