Dotgo is a leader in rich messaging solutions for mobile users. Dotgo’s technology is used in products and services offered and sold by Dotgo as well in products and services sold and offered by Dotgo’s partners. Dotgo operates globally and its patents are registered in the US, and in several other jurisdictions.

Business Messaging:

Dotgo Bot Store
Dotgo RichOTP
Dotgo MaaP

US 7,184,786
US 7,725,116
US 8,107,978
US 8,688,150
US 9,532,191
Other patents pending.

Voice Platform:

HeyAnita Voice Platform

US 7,184,786
US 7,277,697
US 7,483,525
US 7,725,116
US 8,260,256
US 8,385,521
US 8,559,984
US 8,825,024
US 9,185,227
US 9,532,191
US 9,686,324
US 10,110,748
US 10,498,902
Other patents pending.