The growth of high-speed data has changed the way we communicate and led to many disruptive innovations in the mobile ecosystem. The astronomical adoption and growth of RCS and OTT messaging such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Android Messages, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Google’s Business Messages, have ushered in new growth opportunities for brands and carriers willing to embrace the rich business messaging enabled by these popular messaging apps.

Dotgo®, a global leader in RCS and other rich business messaging solutions, provides an omnichannel cloud communications platform and related services that bring and make business messaging accessible to everyone. Our industry leading MaaP and CPaaS products work from the cloud, and help brands interact with their customers in a rich, conversational and contextual environment, while helping carriers accelerate monetization.

Bot Store®

Dotgo Bot Store is the world’s first, largest, and only open directory of RCS chatbots available globally.

The Dotgo directory enables consumers to discover and connect to the RCS and WhatsApp bots of the brands they are interested in. The directory helps brands attain more traction for their RCS bots, and thereby monetize their investments in developing the RCS bots.

The Dotgo RCS directory helps carriers increase the traffic and monetization from RCS.

The Dotgo RCS directory is offered as an integral part of the Dotgo MaaP, and is also available independently of the Dotgo MaaP, so you can use RCS directory with whichever MaaP you may have.

Features & Advantages:
  • Open directory, searchable over the web
  • Get your bot listed as a “Featured”, “Trending”, “Critic’s Choice”, or as a “New” bot
  • “Bot Store” RCS chatbot to help users search from the Android Messages app
  • Users from all over the world can discover RCS chatbots
  • Triggers with deep linking to help users connect with RCS bots just by clicking the ‘Connect Me’ button
  • Integrates with Android Message client
  • Developers and brands can list their bots and manage their listings
  • Works with all MaaPs
  • Helps you grow RCS traffic

Bot Store is a registered trademark of Dotgo LLC in USA and other jurisdictions

To search the Dotgo Bot Store, please visit: www.dotgo.com

To get the Dotgo Bot Store for all the RCS bots on your network:

To read the whitepaper on RCS directories, please visit: www.dotgo.com/whitepapers