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Editorial Review: Leo Virtual Assistant

Leo provides a seamless banking experience to users with a unique touch of personalization
United Bank of Africa’s digital assistant for users


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Oct 26, 2021



Self-service is the new norm in customer service. Customers today prefer to have tools that help them with the services they require, than manual interaction with support staff. The trend has resulted in a proliferation of digital assistants in the market. Among the important domains to adopt the new trend is banking.

Imagine a tool that allows users to open a bank account, apply for loans, or make transactions from any region, without ever needing to step out of their homes. How advantageous would it be? And what would be the case if this assistant were accessible from a messaging app that customers are well accustomed to using? Leo aims to achieve exactly that. We provide an in-depth review of Leo and how it stands out from the rest in various parameters.


Leo is a virtual assistant implemented by the United Bank of Africa (UBA), a Nigerian pan-African financial services group. Leo can be accessed by existing and potential customers of UBA. Leo is available on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat.


Main menu of Leo

Country & Carrier Support

All countries & carriers can support this chatbot since it was developed over WhatsApp.

How to use Leo?

The chatbot can be accessed on mobile and web channels.

From the mobile channel, search for Leo in the Dotgo Bot Store chatbot in your messages app, and click on the “Connect Me” button


Search for Leo in the Dotgo Bot Store web portal, and click on the “Connect Me” button


Send “Hi” on WhatsApp to
+ 260 764 241 310


Scan the QR code
QR Code

What makes Leo stand out from the Rest?

Conversational Banking: Leo provides a personalized & conversational banking experience to users. The WhatsApp banking experience of Leo is more than selecting few options. The responses from the chatbot adds a human touch that makes the conversational experience even more engaging and exciting.


Conversational tone used by Leo

Seamless Execution: Leo responds promptly and solves users’ queries instantly. Type the information you need and the reply from Leo will be pronto.


Quick responses from Leo

Minimal Information from User: Leo requires limited information to serve a user, which keeps the user active in the conversation. Further, the user can use Leo to explore various other services offered.


User Information Sought from LeoOur Verdict:

Our Verdict


Leo is more than a customer service chatbot. It gives a 360-degree virtual banking experience to users. Leo matches the expectations of a digital banking chatbot in terms of usability.


Leo has a decent conversational flow. However, it falls short regarding the design aspect of the messaging experience on WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides rich media features such as images, buttons, videos, gifs and so on. None of these is visible while interacting with Leo. Apart from that, emojis are also missing from Leo that helps to provide a fun and conversational interface to users.


Prompt responses to user queries keeps the conversation smooth. Quick responses are key to keep the user active on the messaging app & Leo does that exceptionally well.


Since UBA is a pan-African bank, Leo is available in more than 15 countries in Africa. Therefore, in terms of availability, Leo checks all the boxes and gets a five-star rating.


Leo fulfils the objective of providing a virtual banking experience to users. Users can open a bank account, make a fund transfer, reset a pin and even connect to a live agent to seek responses to complex queries. Functional parameters of Leo, deserve appreciation.


Leo is a unique chatbot for various reasons. It provides more personalised features in terms of banking services than a regular customer service chatbot without the user having to step into a branch, through a conversational manner.

Leo can be improved in terms of its design to provide a richer experience using images, emojis, gifs etc. to make the user experience more engaging and interactive. Apart from that, Leo is truly a remarkable business messaging agent.