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Allow Consumers to Discover and Interact with You through Google’s Business Messages


Why Google’s Business Messages?

There are 3.5 billion Google searches happening daily. 89 percent of the customers seek to connect with the brands of their choice through chat. GBM enables the chat option for the business listing of brands on Google Search results, Maps, and Google Ads. Studies reveal that online ads improve brand awareness by 80% and that people clicking on the ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Discovery &

GBM is discoverable and accessible from Google ads, search, maps, websites, and dialers


The persistent chat history allows sufficient time for users and brands to respond appropriately to each other

Reduced Handle

Dish Network reduced its average handling time for resolving customer queries by 28 percent with GBM

Decreased Call

Messaging significantly lowers call costs incurred by customer service centers

The Dotgo Advantage

Besides enabling the “Messages” button in the listing for search, maps and ads, Dotgo builds chatbots providing a conversational user experience, along with live agent system integration or support.

Partnership with

Dotgo being an official partner of Google, helps brands go live with GBM in Search, Maps, and Ads in 2 weeks.

API Access

Dotgo has ready access to Google’s APIs to seamlessly build high quality chat experiences, integrating with the client’s existing business processes

Use of

Uses Dialogflow to leverage Google’s AI/ML and NLP capabilities.


Dotgo has an attractive pricing structure suitable for businesses of all types

Brands Using Our Services


Dotgo had us enabled with messages within Google Maps in 2 weeks!

Sumit Anand

Sylvan Learning Centre

Industry Use Cases for Google’s Business Messaging

Every business vertical where instant responses between the buyer and seller are critical, can opt for GBM. Dotgo even integrates GBM with the live agent software used by brands or even deploy its own version for them to extract the benefits of GBM.


The Banking sector can leverage GBM to help customers check their account balance and recent transactions securely by sending an appropriate message.


GBM can immensely help the healthcare sector in use cases such as scheduling the patients’ appointments with doctors, sharing of test reports with patients, regular health follow-up, and so forth.


GBM when enabled to a particular store, helps retail outlets source orders through chat and process them further, as well as run promotional offers.


The travel industry can leverage the GBM along with chatbots or live agent support to respond to customers’ queries about flight delays, reservations etc.,


Customers can easily reach out to logistics companies with queries regarding delivery services or pricing that can be responded to with either a chatbot service or a live agent.

Getting Started

  1. Start with a simple chatbot and live agent support

  2. Verify the brand and turn on the “Messages” button in Google Ads, Google Search and Google Maps

  3. Have an engaging conversation with your customers over chat

  4. Add more features to your chatbot with Dotgo’s assistance



Google’s Business Messages



  • Setup Fee
  • Onboarding Fee


Dotgo Fee*


capped at
*The Dotgo fee of $0.001/message is available to all customers who agree to participate in a case study.
We regularly run promotions each quarter.
Contact Us for special promotions for the current quarter.

Live Agent Support

Offer personalized and real-time assistance to your customers for improving sales and support, using live agents.

Dotgo can either deploy bot(s) on your existing live agent software or provide you with one.

Contact Us : We may already have the integration working.

You can add additional channels, such as WhatsApp, and RCS for live agent support for a monthly fee of $50/month or $450/year (Paid in advance) each.




Paid in advance

Bot with Live
Agent Software
(single agent)



Live Agent Software
(each additional agent)



Commitment Period1 YEAR1 YEAR

Chat with your customers across multiple channels. Dotgo can also integrate other channels, such as RCS and Google’s Business Messages, into the same live agent system.


There is no impact on your existing channels. GBM adds an extra channel for serving the customers from the listing in Google Search, Maps, and Ads.

Dotgo helps you enable the “Messages” option for the listing on Google search, maps, and Ads to the individual stores, thereby enabling the customers to easily communicate with each store.

Dotgo being a partner for Google, helps you with all the approvals and clearances required from Google, besides handling the technical set up and installation processes and integration with your live agent system. If you do not have a live agent system running, we can provide one along with the GBM implementation.

Here are the key differences between GBM and web chat:

ParameterGBMWeb Chat
Chat History PersistenceBrands or consumers can respond to the other up to a duration of 30 daysShort term. Users cannot revert to the brand (or vice-versa) after a few hours
Channels of AccessFrom Google Search, Ads, Maps, Website, and DialerFrom the website alone
Ease of AccessMulti-pronged accessibility from search results helps consumers reach brands fasterRequires the user’s presence on the website that could potentially drive the prospects away

As the GBM chat history persists for a period of 30 days, the brands can strategize on catering to the unsuccessful leads and re-engage with them to improve the conversion rate. For example, when leads stop engaging with a brand after knowing that the products of his/her choice were out of stock, the brands can immediately restock them and reconnect with them.

Yes. GBM being a smartphone-first product is accessible to iOS users through Google Maps, Google Ads, and Google Search.

Brands need to submit information related to their persona that includes the logo, brand assets, link to privacy policy, and other relevant info, along with a consent for GBM implementation. Information pertaining to the use cases that the brands plan to implement and any chatbots that they may have in place would be required.

All the conversations from the user devices to the Google’s server and in the subsequent stages that involve the Dotgo server, are fully encrypted. Brands shall be responsible for processing the user information in accordance with their privacy policies.

There is no extra cost associated with the enablement of the chat option. It is an additional engagement channel that the brands can leverage to up their conversion rates.

We help you integrate the RCS channel into your customer communications, whether for sales, support, services, or other business processes

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