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9mobile’s RCS Chatbot Enin enables customer service at its subscribers' fingertips

Enin transforms customer support experience for 9mobile subscribers in Nigeria


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Nov 24, 2020


In today’s rapidly evolving and competitive business environment, it takes a lot to keep consumers happy. This includes providing an efficient, convenient, prompt and helpful customer care service. Providing good customer service is extremely critical for sustaining existing consumers along with attracting new ones.

Let’s take the example of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), a top B2C (Business-to-Consumer) industry. With the numerous services telecom operators are offering, arise customer queries and requests. To cater to the frequent requirements of their subscribers, telecom operators need to have a strong customer care support.

What is better than a 24/7 chatbot available on the subscriber’s mobile phone? This is what 9mobile, a leading telecommunications operator in Nigeria is offering in the form of Enin, an RCS (Rich Communication Services) chatbot. We have deep dived into Enin’s features and functionalities to be able to let you know what’s in store for you.

What is Enin all about?

9mobile is the first Mobile Network Operator in Nigeria to launch RCS, and the first operator in Africa to provide customer care using an RCS chatbot called Enin. With Enin, 9mobile subscribers can now experience an innovative and personalized customer care service which provides support and delivers important notifications on RCS. For example, subscribers can check airtime balance, data balance, details of previous transactions and buy data through Enin, which shares instant responses for the queries asked. Enin also has a clever twist in its name — when spelt backwards, it becomes the word “Nine”, which is also part of the brand “9mobile”.

9mobile’s Enin RCS Chatbot

Easy and convenient chat options in Enin

Data options for 9mobile subscribers on Enin

Country and Carrier Support

Nigeria   Nigeria
9Mobile  9Mobile

How to use Enin?

To connect with Enin and enjoy 9mobile’s customer service over RCS, you need to do one of the following:

Search for Enin in the Dotgo Bot Store chatbot in your messages app, and Click on “Connect Me” button


Search for Enin in the Dotgo Bot Store chatbot in your messages app, and Click on “Connect Me” button


Give a missed call (flash) to
+234 908 800 2000


Scan the QR code
QR Code

What are the features of Enin?

By providing customer service through RCS, 9mobile has shown innovation, and continues to lead the way when it comes to introducing new technologies to improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

  • Offerings - 9mobile subscribers can check Airtime Balance, Data Balance, Previous Transactions, and Buy Data through Enin. For Data Balance, subscribers can get the breakdown of their balance based on the data packs they have purchased such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or WhatsApp data packs. Subscribers can check up to the last 5 transactions done from their Airtime account.Subscribers can also buy data bundles from Enin. Also, they can get recommendations of the plans that are best suited for them.

Enin’s main menu with suggested replies

  • Simple and Easy-To-Use - Enin is innovative, convenient, personalized and above all simple and easy-to-use by all. Users can tap on the suggested response, and the bot will reply back a message promptly.

  • For example: If a user wants to buy data, they can select “Buy Data” option from the main menu. Enin will display different data bundles for daily and monthly packages. User can select the desired package and confirm it. The payment for the purchased data will be deducted from the airtime balance.

9mobile’s Enin RCS Chatbot

Easy and convenient chat options in Enin

Data options for 9mobile subscribers on Enin

  • Instant Replies - Unlike customer support centers which are bound by timings, Enin makes it possible to have a round-the-clock and effective customer support. Enin provides quick and immediate responses leading to faster resolutions for common queries faced by subscribers. As soon as the user selects an option from the suggested replies, Enin replies back promptly. The Messages app also shows an indicator that the Enin is preparing to reply, similar to the typing indicator for P2P messaging.

User taps on “Previous Transactions” from the main menu and last transactions are instantly displayed

  • Automate partial processes - Through Enin, 9mobile has automated standard processes and services making it simple and convenient for their subscribers to get help for routine queries.

  • Following the current industry trends and consumer preferences - Messaging has become the most utilized channel of communication, and this indicates the comfort consumers have established with messaging. Thus, it makes sense to implement customer support such as Enin over messaging, rather than over calls and emails.

Our Verdict


Enin is a very convenient, user-friendly and integrated customer support chatbot.


The UI of Enin is simple and easy to understand. The rich media, buttons, and suggested response capabilities of RCS Business Messaging enable 9mobile to provide an interactive conversational user interface. This bot will render a host of rich media capabilities in the native messaging app. It provides the consumers with an exceptional user interface via standalone rich cards along with suggested actions and rich card carousels. To make interaction quicker, suggested replies have been provided in many places. Each type of transaction has a unique banner representation, for example, a voice call transaction is displayed differently than a data bundle purchase transaction.


The quick and immediate responses for common queries or issues faced by subscribers are extremely helpful. However, we noticed that sometimes the images may take time to load and may cause some delay in displaying it.


Currently, Enin is available in Nigeria for 9mobile subscribers, which is the intended audience.

Functionality / Capability:         

Enin’s features not only transform the user experience for enhanced customer care support, but also exemplifies how different 9mobile services can offer improved user experiences in the future using RCS, within the standard built-in messaging app available on subscriber's mobile devices. As on date, Enin bot appears to be the first version with basic features. It would be good to see some other features such as a payment gateway to allow top-ups, as well as allow subscribers to pay utility bills in the next versions.