Editorial Reviews

In depth review of RCS and WhatsApp chatbots of various brands from across the globe

Editorial Review:Leo Virtual Assistant
Leo provides a seamless banking experience to users with a unquie touch of personalization United Bank of Africa's digital Assitant of user for users
WHO Health Alert Chatbot
WHO’s WhatsApp Chatbot keeps people updated about the COVID-19 situation in their region and around the world.
Best Buy
Best Buy bot presents e-commerce experience in a conversational fashion.
E-commerce has immensely simplified shopping with doorstep deliveries being only a few clicks away. However, the traditional pattern of browsing websites to order the required goods is fast being replaced by...
9mobile’s RCS Chatbot Enin enables customer service at its subscribers' fingertips
9mobile, a leading Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in Nigeria, has introduced an RCS chatbot called Enin. 9mobile subscribers can now experience a personalized customer care support and receive important notifications...
UN75 Inviting everyone, everywhere to participate in a global conversation through RCS
UN75, an RCS bot for the United Nations, to gather opinions from the public on what socio-economic changes they would like to see in the world. UN75 bot redirects the users to one - minute survey which is created by the...