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FlySafair is SA's true low-cost, high value domestic airline from Safair Operations launched in 2004. Safair is one of Africa’s foremost specialist aviation companies offering a wide range of specialist airlift services. Along with daily business & cargo operations, Safair also operates amazing aircrafts that allow us to carry large and bulky cargo and land in obscure places from short dirt runways in deep Africa to ice in Antarctica. Customers of FlySafair can now connect to its WhatsApp chat bot and experience a wide variety of services while sitting at home. The FlySafair bot offers you to - - Get Covid-19 Related Flight Updates - Get your e Boarding Pass before your travel - Make changes in your Flight bookings - Compare prices and Make a new Booking - Get Baggage Queries answered - Raise other queries related to the FlySafair service Planning to fly within South Africa? Connect to FlySafair now!


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Mar 11, 2019


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