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Founded in 1952, Bharat Petroleum is a Fortune 500 and India’s fully-integrated energy company, with widespread domestic reach & global footprint. The automated WhatsApp chatbot provided by the company connects you to its virtual assistant named "Urja". The assistant makes it easy for you to avail customer service. Whether you need to book a cylinder, make a service request or make payment, the chatbot enables you to do it all in a conversational manner. Available in 13 different Indian languages, the following are the options presented by the chatbot upon starting a conversation: Namaste! I am Urja, your personal assistant. I can help you with queries regarding the following. 1 Book Cylinder 2 Pay to Bharat Petroleum 3 Loyalty Programs & Offers 4 Find BPCL near you 5 BPCL Products 6 Product Price 7 Register as New Customer 8 Request for Services 9 Contact Us 10 Other Queries 11 Feedback Please select an option to move ahead. Example: Reply 1 to book cylinder. (You can type ‘menu’ or ‘hi’ to come back to the main options) Click on connect me or scan the QR code to start conversing now.


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