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Best Buy

Best Buy Bot Simplifies Shopping

Best Buy bot presents e-commerce experience in a conversational fashion


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Mar 16, 2021


Best Buy

E-commerce has immensely simplified shopping with doorstep deliveries being only a few clicks away. However, the traditional pattern of browsing websites to order the required goods is fast being replaced by chatbot-based approaches, wherein users directly list out the items of their choice, for which the order is processed. At the forefront of enabling a paradigm shift through chatbot-powered retail shopping is Best Buy, the consumer electronics retailer, headquartered in Richfield, USA.

The current review focuses on the capabilities of the Best Buy chatbot.

What is Best Buy RCS Bot?

The Best Buy e-commerce chatbot built on the RCS platform that facilitates purchases in a conversational manner. The chatbot shows the daily and top deals offered by Best Buy that the buyers can opt for; upon selection, the users are redirected to the company’s e-commerce website to complete the transaction by making the payments.

Country and Carrier Support

T-Mobile  T-Mobile

How to access Best Buy Bot?

There are three ways to access the Best Buy bot:

Search for Best Buy in the DotGo Bot Store chatbot in your messages app, and Click on “Connect Me” button


Visit www.dotgo.com , type “Best Buy” in the search bar and then the bot appears on the directory. Click on the bot and either scan the QR code or send a missed call or click on the “Connect Me”button to access the chatbot (currently under testing)


Search for “Best Buy” in the Samsung Messages app and click on message icon to start the conversation.

What makes Best Buy bot different?

The conversational method of e-commerce that allows users to purchase items of their choice by sending messages and scroll through the daily deals and offers displayed by the bot, offer a unique user experience compared to the conventional modes. The quick actions prompted by the chatbot make the usage simple and intuitive for users.

Best Buy Deal of the day interactive chatbot is specifically for daily deals

  • Visually Appealing and User-friendly Design - The conversational approach to e-commerce through suggested responses, coupled with the ease of shopping enabled by carousels, makes the bot visually appealing for users. The daily offers section enables faster decision-making, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Best Buy chatbot can be accessed from native message apps

  • Ease of Access - Best Buy bot can easily be accessed through multiple channels using various Person-to-Application (P2A) triggers such as scanning a QR code, or sending a missed call, and so on. The P2A triggers help the users connect quickly to the chatbot for effortless shopping. Samsung Messages App, the Dotgo website, and the Dotgo Bot Store are some of the other channels to access the bot.

Multiple carousel images displayed for various products with description and suggested responses

  • Interactive - The carousel images feature built into to the Best Buy bot offer an engaging user experience. The intuitive UX coupled with suggested replies make the bot conversational and interactive.

Our Verdict


Best Buy bot is easily searchable and accessible on multiple platforms. With various P2A triggers and multi-channel presence, users can easily purchase.


The bot has an engaging UI enabled by the carousel images that help users easily scroll through the products. The suggested replies are well placed on the bot. A concern, however, would be the simultaneous appearance of two messages that the users may potentially miss.


Suggested replies and buttons on the product give instant responses. There is no lag visible even during the loading of carousel images. Response times even during the redirection to the website, is satisfactory.


The Best Buy bot is available in the United States and is available for users based in the country through the T-Mobile carrier network, only.

Functionality / Capability:         

Best Buy bot performs well in terms of displaying daily and top offers. However, the ability to order from the bot could be an enhancement in the future versions. Currently, users are redirected to the website for completing the order booking process, instead of completing the transaction from the bot.


Best Buy is an e-commerce bot with some amazing functionalities, designed for a specific use case – Deal of the Day – focusing on daily and top offers. The features can boost conversions as specific use case bots can be targeted for a niche audience.