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Dotgo being an official partner of WhatsApp can help brands secure approvals in the shortest possible time


Publish your bots on Dotgo Bot Store, the world's largest directory of Whatsapp Bots to boost the bot's visibility and bring in more leads

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Dotgo helps you get access to WhatsApp APIs to seamlessly integrate with your existing applications


Dotgo pricing and commercial model is suitable to all types of small and large businesses

Experience a WhatsApp Chatbot

Visit the Bot Store on Dotgo website to check out the various chatbots functioning on WhatsApp and the RCS channels


Look for your favorite brand with a WhatsApp symbol and click on it


In the top-right corner of the page, click on the Connect-Me button or scan the QR code using your phone to converse with the bot


Brands Using Our Services

Industry Use Cases for WhatsApp Business Messaging

WhatsApp banking enables customers to check their account balance and recent transactions through secure logins in addition to availing loans on their deposits.

WhatsApp is fast becoming the medium of choice for scheduling of appointments with doctors, regular patient health follow-up, and so forth.

Retail outlets have begun to source orders from their loyal customers and reduce customer care call volumes through WhatsApp, a trend that is here to stay.

Airlines can deliver tickets and boarding passes to passengers through the WhatsApp channel, besides alerting passengers about their flight departures and check-in times.

Sharing shipment notifications, delivery instructions, and live locations of freight carrying vehicles, has made WhatsApp a preferred channel in the logistics industry.

Getting Started

Go live with your customer’s favorite communication channel in the shortest possible timelines!

  1.  Share with us your Facebook Business 16-digit ID

  2. Share with us other company related information

  3. Get your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) setup

  4. Get your Whatsapp display name and phone number verified

  5. Get template messages registered and verified

  6. You’re onboard



WhatsApp Business Messaging



FOR 2021

Dotgo fee
will be capped at


Regardless of
number of messages



*The Dotgo fee of $0.001/message is available to all customers who agree to participate in a case study.

We regularly run promotions each quarter.
Contact Us for special promotions for the current quarter.

Live Agent Support

Offer personalized and real-time assistance to your customers for improving sales and support, using live agents.

Dotgo can integrate with your existing live agent system*, or provide you with a live agent system.

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*We may already have the integration with your live agent system working.




Paid in advance

Bot with Live
Agent Software
(single agent)



Live Agent Software
(each additional agent)



Commitment Period1 YEAR1 YEAR

Chat with your customers across multiple channels. Dotgo can also integrate other channels, such as RCS and Google’s Business Messages, into the same live agent system.


WhatsApp Business API can be programmed to scale with and support intensive customer interactions to serve large enterprises.

There are two types of WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABA):
  • Official Business Account that has a green checkmark badge next to the brand that is visible in its profile and chat headers. The checkmark indicates that the account’s ownership lies with a notable brand and the same has been verified by WhatsApp. The names of official business accounts show up even without users adding them to the list of contacts.
  • Default Business Account that uses the WhatsApp Business API and has the phone number shown in almost all the views. A green checkmark badge is not available for default business accounts.

Dotgo, as a WhatsApp business solution provider, helps clients in getting access to tools they need in order to send and receive messages from the end users. Dotgo acts like an API hub, enabling brands to get started on the WhatsApp Business API very quickly, as the infrastructural requirements are completely covered by Dotgo.

Yes of course! The general procedure to get an official business account is to get the access for WhatsApp Business API through a WhatsApp business solution provider, such as Dotgo. The first step involves submitting the Facebook Business Manager account for verification by Facebook. Once the criteria laid down by WhatsApp that includes the business manager account verification, Dotgo can help you get an official WhatsApp-verified business account! Please contact us for more information on pricing.

There are certain business verticals for which WhatsApp does not provide the green checkmark badge. Dotgo can help you figure out if your business qualifies to get one.

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