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As users transition from traditional voice, SMS, and VAS services to digital, operators face a number of difficult questions:

  • How do we give users a reason to want buy data NOW (and not wait for wifi)?
  • How do we generate more value from users who do buy data?
  • How do we advertise to users who don't have carrier data all the time?
  • How do we stay relevant when users switch to wifi?
  • How do we get traction for our own apps and digital services?
  • What do we do about users who don't want to pay for data (or anything)?
  • How can we offer our users real value from traditional VAS while supporting our digital strategy?

DOTGO has worked with operators around the world to develop solutions to these questions. From launching engaging interactive on-demand messaging services to boosting data plan sales to bringing in new digital ad revenue, DOTGO is helping operators worldwide transition to digital.

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