Unified Mobile Advertising With Reach

Advertisers know that creating mobile advertising campaigns often means deciding between reaching a small audience with rich smartphone ads versus reaching a massive audience with basic but ubiquitous technologies like SMS. The majority of people in the world still don't have smartphones, and in many regions like Latin America and Africa as many as 50% of all smartphone users don't buy data plans from their carrier—ever. Advertisers seeking to stay on the cutting edge of mobile advertising have traditionally had to construct a complex mix of digital ads with SMS or even USSD and SAT advertising to reach the widest mobile audience possible.

DOTGO's unique “Hybrid-OTT” technology makes creating unified mobile advertising campaigns a reality. Now you can create rich in-app advertising that reaches users even when those users don't have a data connection. And you can couple those in-app ads with an engaging and user-friendly SMS-Menu experience for non-smartphone users, all with a single campaign.

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