The Most Advanced Platform for A2P and P2P Messaging In the World

Most people don't think about user experience when they think about SMS. But improving user experience of your SMS applications can increase response rate by a factor of two. DOTGO's messaging platform was designed from the ground up to make it easy for SMS-Menu campaigns to engage and delight users. Thats why users send over 60 million messages per month to services built on our platform.

With technology originally developed by scientists and partially funded by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF), DOTGO's messaging technology is second to none.

Industry-Leading Messaging Features

Our platform supports:

SMS Menus

When people think about SMS they rarely think about user experience. But building a good user experience can increase broadcast response rate by as much as a factor of two. DOTGO's platform supports SMS-based menus, allowing users to respond and navigate content in a user-frendly way without needing to download anything.

Hybrid-OTT delivery

DOTGO's unique Hybrid-OTT technology allows our A2P platform to communicate with smartphone apps even when your users don't have a data connection. Because a high proportion of smartphone users in prepaid markets are only intermittently connected to data, our Hybrid-OTT solution allows you to reach all your users, all the time—even for serving in-app ads.

Message Concatenation

Operators support several types of concatenation, and our platform supports them all. Reliably send SMS of 200 or 300 characters to your users when needed.

Dynamic Number Allocation

Dynamically allocate new phone numbers for your services as needed. Create a separate number for a user to chat with customer support, or dynamically allocate a new number for private P2P messaging.

Session Variables

Like cookies on the web, Sessions Variables make it easy to store persistent data as your users interact with your services. Use Session Variables to customize your messaging services or track how users engage with your messaging content.

Developer-Friendly Markup Language

Develop highly engaging and flexible messaging services using our powerful XML-based markup language CMRL. CMRL makes it easy to express sophisticated messaging flows and provides an easily way to integrate messaging into your existing software stack or CMS.

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