DOTGO Connect: The worlds first Hybrid-OTT Messaging Service

OTT messaging apps have revolutionized communication for data users around the world, but a majority of users remain unconnected or intermittently connected. Even though smartphone adoption has been growing steadily around the world, many people don't realize that many users never buy data from their operator, and rely on intermittant WiFi connectivity.

With technology originally developed by scientists and partially funded by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF), DOTGO's messaging technology is second to none.

Operator Benefits

  • Offer your users an OTT app that connects 100% of your userbase—including both smartphone and non-smartphone users
  • Dramatically increase data plan purchases, especially for your smartphone users who rarely or never buy data
  • Offer roaming and WiFi users customized data plans
  • Increase SMS consumption for non-smartphone users
  • Generate new revenues from 3rd party digital ads
  • Get a new massive channel to promote your own digital apps and services


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