Custom One-of-a-kind Messaging Solutions

Have a messaging problem or need to develop a new service and not sure where to begin? Our messaging experts can help you define requirements and solve your problem. And our world-class team of engineers can develop and launch your service quickly.

We create messaging services for operators, brands, and other organizations. We've developed:

  • Value-added subscription services
  • Custom real-time multiplayer SMS games
  • Public transportation SMS services

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Some of our solutions

We have developed a wide variety of solutions for our carrier partners using our advanced A2P platform. Learn about some of these services below, and feel free to contact us if you would like to launch any on your network.

SMS Browser

DOTGO's SMS Browser is a unique product that allows mobile users to access content from the Internet using just the SMS-capability of their phone—no smartphone, data, or download is necessary. The service allows any organization, from small groups like sports clubs to the largest brands in the world, to quickly and easily create and manage user-friendly mobile services that anyone in the world can access.

SMS Favorites

SMS Favorites is a person-to-person SMS service that makes it possible for one user to pay for an SMS chat with a second user. One person pays, the other chats free. This service makes it possible for operators to monetize low-ARPU users by charging high-ARPU users, and gives users the freedom to chat with SMS even when they person they want to text with is out of credit.

Group Messaging

DOTGO's Group Messaging service allows any user to create and manage group SMS, regardless of the kind of mobile phone they have. Feature-phone users can chat with iPhone users and Android users, all with a single simple service. And DOTGO's service is unique in that it allows users to create and manage their groups using a very user-friendly SMS-based menu.


Developed at the request of our users, RandomChat is a very popular messaging service that allows users to meet and chat with up to four other people at a time. Users chat with people from anywhere in their country and use the same easy-to-use interface of our Group Messaging service.

Real-time Game Engine

DOTGO's Real-time Game Engine has been used to develop a variety of fun, engaging, and easy-to-use social SMS games. The game Wordscramble, for example, lets users play against each other in real-time to see who can find the most hidden words in a mix of letters (similar to a crosswords puzzle). All of our games are tuned and adjusted to give users the best experience possible, and as a result the average player sends 85 SMS per day to our games.


Futbogol, a portmanteau of the spanish words “Futbol” and “Gol”, is a mobile messaging service that allows users to access real-time soccer information via SMS. Users can interact with easy-to-use SMS menus to quickly find their favorite teams, review recent matches, and even access detailed information like who scored goals in a match, all without installing or downloading anything. Futbogol is perhaps the most easy-to-use and universal way to give all users access to real-time soccer information on the go.

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