Fast, Easy, Reliable

DOTGO features a unique method of accessing content, free services for users, compatibility with any phone, interactive and subscription content, air-tight spam control, and much more. Check out the many exceptional features of DOTGO that make it the fast, easy, and reliable way to send and receive information on the go.

Connect With Your Favorite Web Sites Using Text Messaging

You can access any web site by texting its internet domain name to one of the DOTGO "short code" phone numbers DOTCOM (368266), DOTNET (368638) or DOTORG (368674), as appropriate. Learn more

Use All Services Free of Charge

All DOTGO services for users are offered free of charge. That means no fees of any kind. (Your standard mobile carrier text messaging rates may apply—check with your mobile carrier for details.) Learn more

Get Going Now—Faster, Easier, and More Reliable than Mobile Browsing

Text messaging is faster, easier, and more reliable than mobile browsing. In many situations, you can find the information you need more quickly using DOTGO than you can using a mobile browser. Learn more

Use It on Any Phone

Because it works through text messaging, you can use DOTGO on any phone. You don't need a special "smart phone," and you don't need to download and install a special application program. Learn more

Access Interactive and Subscription Content

You can use DOTGO to access both "interactive" content on demand and "subscription" content on a regular (or irregular) schedule. Learn more

Stay in Full Control—No Spam

DOTGO takes your privacy seriously. So with DOTGO, you're always in complete control. You can opt into and opt out of subscription services whenever you like, and DOTGO will assure that you never receive unwanted messages. Learn more