Powerfully Simple

DOTGO features a unique approach to content organization, free basic services for publishers, instant deployment, interactive and subscription content, optional advertising revenue, and much more. Check out the many advanced features of DOTGO that make it the powerfully simple solution to mobile publishing.

Extend Your Web Identity into Text Messaging

Users access your mobile service by texting your internet domain name to one of the DOTGO "short code" phone numbers DOTCOM (368266), DOTNET (368638) or DOTORG (368674), as appropriate. Learn more

Use Basic Services Free of Charge

All basic DOTGO services for publishers are offered free of charge. That means no setup charges, no monthly charges, and no per-message charges. Learn more

Use Premium Services at Affordable Rates

All premium DOTGO services for publishers are offered at very affordable rates. Premium service-level plans start at only $9.99 per month. Learn more

Deploy Your Mobile Service Instantly

Get your mobile service up and running with DOTGO instantly. There is no required registration, no waiting, and no delay. Learn more

Utilize Our Incomparable Software Framework

Only DOTGO is built upon the Concise Message Routing Language or CMRL—a markup language specifically designed to express mobile content. Using CMRL, a simple mobile service can be created in seconds, while a more sophisticated mobile service can return arbitrarily sophisticated content. Learn more

Rely on Our Rock-Solid Technical Infrastructure

Rest assured knowing that DOTGO is implemented on redundant, scalable computer hardware, so you can count on it 24/7. Learn more

Offer Interactive and Subscription Content

Use DOTGO to provide "interactive" content on demand and "subscription" content on a regular (or irregular) schedule. You can also use DOTGO to connect with your users through our powerful API. Learn more

Earn Advertising Revenue

Optionally elect to have DOTGO append short advertisements to your outgoing messages—so you can turn your mobile services into a source of revenue. Learn more