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DOTGO: The Web via Text Messaging

September 23, 2009

Read the report from DEMOFall about how DOTGO is launching a service that aims to make SMS text services more powerful and usable. Read more

DOTGO Could be the "Internet for Text Messaging"


September 23, 2009

CNET reports how DOTGO is positioned as the "Internet for text messaging" and promises companies an easy way for potential customers to communicate with them by text message. Read more

General Mills Uses Mobile to Reinvigorate Wheaties Brand

August 19, 2009

General Mills is launching a multimillion dollar "Evolution" campaign that uses text messaging to introduce "Fuel," a new kind of Wheaties. General Mills sees text messaging as an ideal way to reinvigorate and modernize the Wheaties brand and is choosing DOTGO as its mobile publishing platform. Read more