Infinitely Flexibile

DOTGO features a way to dramatically slash your development times and eliminate your maintenance headaches while making text messaging part of your web site development work flow. Check out the many advanced features of DOTGO that make it the infinitely flexible solution to mobile development.

Offer DOTGO Services Directly to Your Clients

Let DOTGO provide the tools and support you need to develop, deploy, and maintain the efficient, easy-to-use, and reliable mobile services that your clients are demanding.

Slash Development Times

DOTGO is built upon the Concise Message Routing Language or CMRL—a markup language specifically designed to express mobile content. Using CMRL, a simple mobile service can be created in seconds, while a more sophisticated mobile service can return arbitrarily sophisticated content.

Eliminate Maintenance Headaches

The DOTGO platform handles all the details of text-messaging development, including all details of user opt-in and opt-out and carrier compliance.

Market or Resell DOTGO Services with DOTGO Developer Programs

DOTGO offers two developer programs that allow you to market or resell DOTGO services: the DOTGO Affiliate Program and the DOTGO Reseller Program.

Make Text Messaging Part of Your Web Site Development Work Flow

With DOTGO, text messaging works with any internet domain name, so you can make text messaging part of your web site development work flow.