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Reseller Program

DOTGO Reseller and Affiliate Programs are Here!

Posted: Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of the DOTGO Reseller and Affiliate Programs! Every day we’ll be inviting people to the programs, so head to our sign up pages to request an invite!

DOTGO Reseller Program

Use our new Reseller API to build custom SMS applications for your clients and integrate DOTGO’s technology into you existing services. By joining the Reseller Program you can purchase DOTGO messaging plans at 50% off retail, and have the freedom to either build a custom content management system, or embed our white-label DOTGO Publisher tool directly into your website.

For a limited time we’re offering one month free access so you can try it out!

Sign up now for a beta invite to the Reseller Program!

DOTGO Affiliate Program

Bring DOTGO to your clients without having to write a line of code and earn 20% on all referrals. Use the new Affiliate dashboard to track clicks, referrals, and commission, and look forward to monthly payments.

Sign up now for a beta invite to the Affiliate Program!